About Us

Think Grandma and Apple Pie.

Soup is comfort food to us.  A bowl of soup takes us back to our childhoods, sitting around the table with family.

It was a simpler time back then.  Now, you can bring that comfort to your home and your family, with a more grown  up flair.

Whether you choose a bowl of Chicken Pot Pie or Spicy Tortilla, our soups take you from being a busy parent to a chef creating a gourmet meal in only 20 minutes.

We have taken all the hard work and time out of making really good soups and chili.

It all started with our chili mix then expanded to soup and dip mixes.  Our product line now includes 20 soup mixes, 30 dip mixes, 3 chili mixes and 4 salsa mixes.

Our most recent addition is gourmet flavored sea salts sold in a unique and convenient hand-held grinder.  There are 20 flavors to choose from with refills available for each.

We hope our products will 
     Simplify your meal planning and preparation
     Save you time
     Spark your creativity
     Tantilize your tastebuds
     and Inspire you to cook and create!